'We Manifest Strength through Overstanding, Guidance through Faith, Cooperation through Unity, and Peace through the Arts.'

~ The WeManifest-o 1997


We Manifest, Inc.

A Brooklyn-based, black woman owned and operated, performance and production company, dedicated to creating high quality showcases, discussion cyphers, all natural hair and body products, eclectic jewelry and culinary services.


The definition of BALANCE is 'mental and emotional stability; bodily poise; figuratively, the scale by which deeds and principles are weighed and destinies determined...'


Balance Wearable art

All jewelry pieces are handcrafted with love, creativity and are individually given African-inspired names. Our jewelry is colorful, earthy, innovative, bold, eccentric and fun!



We also create non-alcohol-based oils for the home and body. BALANCE body products are made with organic and natural ingredients to nourish the skin and hair. 


We Manifest Productions

Through performances and productions, we want to foster self respect, communal dialogue and showcase talent. We also want to inspire spiritual, mental & physical growth and healing through all that we do.


FINGER FOOD and photos

Finger Food and Photos has brought visionaries of all genres and styles together to build, eat and share their wisdom. Numerous performing artists, educators, authors, activists & entrepreneurs with fresh ideas on marketing, branding, current events and life share their knowledge.


Hair by Nature

Hair By Nature is an affordable, all-natural, no chemical hair maintenance and styling service. We specialize in: * Locks * Cornrows * Plats * Double Twists * Press & Curl * Hair Jewelry * Natural Conditioners on sale!


At We Manifest, Balance Beautifully Accentuates Love And Nurtures Creative Energy! 

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