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24/7 Sista Stories is a musical work woven around the lives of six young womben of color, striving to become successful performing artists in NYC. This was the first performance event produced by We Manifest and debuted at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on Mother's Day. 

The closing song, Nina Simone's "Four Women" featured each young women in a custom-made dress created and crafted by Danielle "Seedz" Grant. This musical was the catalyst to the D.A.W.T.A.H.Z.  series.  *Artwork by Joshua A. Humphries

 (The height we strive to reach) features independent, mostly unsigned, multi-lingual, multi-talented, multi-ethnic female performers. It was created to encourage womben to perform, regardless of our male counterparts perception of what and how a womben performer should be.

This forum successfully allows featured sisters to speak their minds, free their souls, be seen and be heard without a masculine influence. A female DJ/producer provides the musical treats, while a female performing artist produces and hosts the series - to represent the Yin energies correctly. An open mic segment follows for all to participate. DAWTAHZ has been featured in Red Eye Magazine, Blu Magazine and Shout Magazine. If you are interested in performing or sponsoring, videotaping or photographing, writing an article or interviews, contact us! Email:


The 1st show commissioned by We Manifest, Inc...




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Since the Summer of 2010, Finger Food and Photos has brought artists of all genres and styles together to build, eat and share their crafts. The vibration is warm and inviting and the food is delectable! Welcome to #MamaWizeCookenOnTumblr! Bartering is encouraged! We've had various performing artists, educators, authors & entrepreneurs with fresh ideas on marketing, branding, exposure and current events. Be a part of the next one! To participate, Email: 

DAWTAHZ - ‘Directing Artistic Womben Towards Aesthetic Horizons ~ Zenith!’

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