We Manifest products, services and events are created with love and respect from conception to completion. We administer the highest quality in our ingredients for hair and body products. Our customer service is unmatched and our showcases are never less than epic! Our goal is to offer a customized, quality selection to every audience and individual who wants to look as great as they feel. You will come back to see another showcase or to reorder merchandise.  Thank you for your continued support!​


​​​​​We Manifest is a Brooklyn-based, family-operated, performance and production company. We're dedicated to creating high quality showcases, personal products and services. 'Family' means close friends of the Founding Director: 

* Educators

* Performing artists

* Grassroots supporters

* Social and Political Activists

* Holistic Practitioners 

* Other Family-Owned & Operated Businesses 

Our mission is to utilize various mediums of Art:

* Performance 

* Visual 

* Fine 

* Wearable 

* Culinary  

* Audible  as a communicative and therapeutic vehicle... 

We want to travel to different places and connect with different faces to:

* promotes education

* spiritual, mental & physical health & healing

* self sufficient and responsible adults

* self-esteem

* critical thinking

* cultural diversity and it's tolerance 

We Manifest's productions are "EDU-CULTURAL", meaning they focus on educating as well as entertaining using the power of self-expression through respective culturals and traditions.  We give the viewer, listener or purchaser an excellent showcase, product and or service.

YejideTheMamaWize is an entrepreneur, performing artist, freelance paralegal, Notary, published writer, parent & 'GlamMama'. She's keeping theBALANCE ~ Wearable Artinventory fresh and ready for purchase! Yejide's a Co-Founder of the Beautiful Black Women's EmpowHERment Collective and the co-host of Balance Radio withThe Carmen BonBushwickRadio. She's always rocking Sunday mornings at midnight as the Producer of the podcast,CHURCH, with herpartner, DJ Evil Dee. If you want to know more, go to: LinkedIn, About.Me, Soundcloud, Blogspot, Reverbnationor Google+! Reach her:Twitter, Instagram & Facebook